Symbols: Fantastic Foxes

As sly as a fox, as cunning as a fox, to outfox someone…

Foxes have built up a reputation for being clever, wily little creatures. In Britain (where I live) foxes are synonymous with the country way of life and hunting (thankfully now banned). They are often considered pests, but I personally love foxes and all the folklore attached to them.

For me, there is something magical about waking up on a cold autumn morning and watching my local fox trot along the garden wall with her auburn coat and bushy tail while I sip my tea (I know it’s a ‘her’ because I have seen her with a cub recently).

Throughout my life, I have come to recognise foxes as a constant presence. Everywhere I have lived there has usually been a family of foxes in their den nearby. Then there was the fox that used to ‘walk’ me home when I started my first job in London, and most recently the fox that frequents our garden morning, noon and night (much to my dog’s dismay). I never get tired of spotting a fox late at night trotting down the street or in the wee hours of the morning when everything is silent and the world is still waking up; they just never seem to lose their magic and mystery for me.

Foxes are also closely associated with fantasy and folklore, which is the main genre I write. They often play the role of cunning trickster, but not necessarily in an evil sense. They can be a familiar, and sometimes posses magical powers. They have also been linked to transformation and shape shifting.

If a fox appears in your life as a spirit animal, it will guide you towards the smartest solution to the problem and help you watch out for deception. It will teach you about adaptability and observation and also encourage action and swiftness.

I bet you didn’t know there was so much symbolism behind your friendly neighbourhood fox?

Because this , I often feature foxes in my books. He/she might only get a passing mention or may have a much bigger part in my novel, but I love to add these intelligent little creatures into my stories wherever I can.

Are there any symbols like this that you love to see written in the books that you read? If you write, do you tend include something like this in each novel?

And here she is, my local fox (if you can spot her, she isn’t easy to catch on camera):

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