My Recommendation: Top 15 Book Boxes

Book boxes are fast becoming the hottest subscription in the book world. So many have now flooded to the market; some categorised by genre, others by audience and some are all about the experience. So with all these book boxes available, which should you choose?

I have gone and done the research for you and below are my 15 top picks. For the most part, I have tried to pick boxes that ship to US, UK & International. They also all have one of purchase options making them a fantastic holiday gift for a loved one or even yourself!

I am not affiliated to any of these companies nor have I been paid to include them.

The Bookish Box Shop

The Bookish Box is a multi-genre literary subscription. Each month, they send you a newly released book and themed items. They offer both Young Adult & Adult book options, so you’re able to select the kind of book you love. The goodies are items inspired by their monthly theme and are created by their company or by small shops. 

You can choose from:

  • YA Book, Shirt, and Goodies: Includes Shirt, goodies, and YA Book
  • YA Book and Goodies: Includes Goodies and YA Book
  • YA Themed Shirt & Goodies: Include the YA themed goodies & shirt( no book)
  • Adult Book, Shirt, and Goodies: Includes Adult book, shirt, and goodies.
  • Adult Book and Goodies: Includes adult book and goodies.

This book box is the perfect gift for YA and Adult Fiction lovers alike, plus I love that the goodies are from the authors or by small shops. 

Pricing: $37.99 – $52.50 per box, per month

Shipping: US only – shipping is free

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Once Upon a Book Club

Once Upon a Book Club aims to fully integrate the reader into the story. Each box takes months of preparation. Every detail mentioned in the book is thought over to find the perfect spots to insert a gift.  Subscribers can expect gifts to be anything from the book. It can be a piece that relates to that particular era, a journal that the character is writing in, a vase that used to hide something. They search for something significant to the story line, to really make you feel like you have been pulled in and help tell the story first hand.

It also gives you a “Book Club” community, where you can log onto Instagram and discuss the book with other members each month.

I love the concept of this book box, I love how the items immerse you in the story and then you have little keepsakes to admire long after the story is finished. 

You can choose from:

  • YA Book Box
  • Adult Book Box

Pricing: $34.99 per box, per month

Shipping: Global (though the international shipping prices are more than the box itself!!) – US shipping is $10.00 USD per month, Canada shipping is $20.00 USD per month, and the rest of the world is $36.50 USD per month.

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Fairy Loot

Fairy Loot is a UK based young adult fantasy book box – each and every one of their boxes is a special experience designed to make you feel like you are opening a box of treasure taken straight from a fairy’s lair. Every month they have a different theme and select an exciting new title with 5-6 carefully selected goodies. Fairy Loot are currently closed to subscriptions, but you can sign up to a waiting list.

This is my personal favourite of mine and I am currently on the waiting list for this book box. I just love all their past boxes and exclusive covers (I was gutted I didn’t get the exclusive Fable copy).

Pricing: UK & International is £26 per box, per month. US & Canada is $33.90 per box, per month

Shipping: Global – UK shipping is £3.95, USA shipping is  $7.99 and Canada is $16.99. Full list of countries and shipping prices are here.

US & Canada can subscribe at

UK & International can subscribe at

Owl Crate

Owl Crate is a young adult and middle grade book box. They believe that no one is too old to read YA and so they curated a book box dedicated just to this genre. You can choose from either a YA book box or a Middle Grade book box.

The YA Box includes a brand new YA hardcover novel signed by the author, a handwritten letter from the author, unique bookish goodies from small businesses and artists, a collectible enamel pin and a monthly magazine. 

The Middle Grade Box includes brand new middle grade hardcover novel, exclusive letter and signed book or bookplate from the author, an activity, game or second book, additional goodies related to the theme of the month, a collectible monthly sticker and magazine.

I have a few friends that get this book box and it looks amazing – if you love YA then this is the box for you.

Pricing: $29.99 USD per box, per month

Shipping: Global – USA shipping costs $8.99 per box, Canada shipping costs $14.99 per box (+ tax) and UK & International shipping costs $19.99.

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LitJoy Crate

LitJoy Crate is a monthly YA book box subscription, a one-stop book-lovers shop, and a fandom box company! They offer monthly new-release LitJoy exclusive edition Young Adult books all year long! Each month is a new and customized book! They accessorize your reading experience by including exclusive products and collectibles to go with the book! They also have a shop where you can buy the books and items separately, including a classical books & gifts shop and Magical Collection shop for witches and wizards!

I love this book box, their YA box has so many exciting little keepsakes that come with it and their classical shop is amazing – their exclusive cover of Pride Prejudice and their Elizabeth and Darcy pin are to die for. 

Choose from:

  • YA Subscription
  • Magical Subscription

Pricing: $30.99 per box, per month

Shipping: Global – US shipping is £8.73 and UK shipping is $18.00 (other countries vary).

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Bookishly Book Crate

Bookishly Book Crate is a UK based book subscriptions service that is shipped worldwide. They specialise in beautiful vintage paperbacks and classic books. They have different genres on offer and many come with tea or coffee, and some with beautiful stationery and bookmarks. The book boxes in this collection are all set bundles of months.

The bookishly classic book crate contains a paperback Wordsworth classic with an exclusively designed cover as well as at least seven other themed items in each crate such as art, stationery, tea, books and other surprise items.

They also have book club subscriptions which come with a vintage paperback or classic as well as coffee or tea. 

I just LOVE a classic and their exclusive covers are beautiful – if you like classical keepsake books then this is the box for you.  

Pricing: £35 for the classic book crate

Shipping: Global – UK shipping is FREE and US shipping is £10.00 per box (other countries vary)

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I am BlackLIT

BlackLIT is a community where those who have been misrepresented, underrepresented, and invisible in classroom literature are consciously uplifted. The BlackLit Box is all about showcasing literature from authors of colour – each box is a positive, educational, cultural experience delivered right to your door!

Included in the box is one or more books by an author of color, three to five products from a black-owned business and five thought-provoking writing prompts.

I just love this initiative and I am gutted they do not ship to the UK – I would love to see more of these types of boxes coming to the market.

You can choose from:

  • The BlackLIT Box: Fiction
  • The BlackLIT Box: Non-Fiction
  • The BlackLIT Box: Believers

Pricing: $39.99 per box, per month

Shipping: US only – shipping is $10.00 USD 

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The Feminist Book Club

The Feminist Book Club is a subscription box where you support both feminist literature as well as several small woman- and queer-owned businesses. Each box features a female author’s book and two or more carefully curated products from small female owned businesses that they love. Box subscribers also get the opportunity to connect with other members all over the world through a secret discussion group. 

I love that this book box as it supports small woman- and queer-owned businesses as well as highlighting female authors. Who runs the world? Girls!

Pricing: $49.00 per box, per month

Shipping: US only – shipping is free

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Books That Matter

Books that matter is a UK based book subscription box bringing female-led fiction to thousands of women across the world. Its aim is to put women’s writing in the spotlight through unique reading experiences. Their book boxes each have a theme specifically to enlighten, educate and empower, all in a way that feels like a gift every single month. 

Each box contains a book by a female author, and at least three themed gifts by independent female creatives. They also have events with high profile authors, a podcast, an online members book club, and merchandise gifts too.

This is very similar to The Femenist Book Club but UK based. If you are not based in the US and you want a book box that highlights female authors, then look no further.

Pricing: £17.00 per box, per month

Shipping: Global – UK shipping costs £3.00 and US, EU & International shipping costs £10.00

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Nerdy Book Box

Nerdy Book Box is a monthly subscription box which works exclusively with indie authors, publishers, lesser known and/or smaller authors that have published less than 3 books, and small bookish businesses. Their goal is to provide a perfectly themed box based on the book chosen for the month. They want to bring more exposure to authors looking to get their work out into the world. 

Each box includes a signed indie author paperback book, four to six high-quality exclusive items curated specifically to fit the theme and/or characters of the book. The genre of the book will be randomly selected from the following: YA Fantasy, YA Sci-fi , YA Contemporary , MG Fantasy , MG Sci-fi , MG Contemporary , Adult / Romance.

I love this! Finally, a book box that is only for Indie and small press published authors! We need more of these kinds of boxes, I would love to see one of these in the UK. If you want to support Indie authors then this is the box to subscribe to.

Pricing: $35.99 per box per month

Shipping: Global – United States shipping is $10.00, Canada shipping is $15.00 and International shipping is $20.00

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Coffee & a Classic

Coffee and a Classic is a monthly book box subscription service. Each month they personally curate a book box including a classic book, something to sip on as well as additional bookish items based on a theme.

You can choose from

  • The Starter Classic Subscription
  • The Standard Classic Subscription

The Starter Book Box includes a classic book, something to sip on (coffee, tea or hot chocolate), two bookish items and a bookmark.

The Standard Box includes a classic book, something to sip on (coffee, tea or hot chocolate), something to snack on, a mug, two bookish items and a bookmark.

Pricing: $41.99 to $51.99

Shipping: Global – Free shipping in the US only, UK shipping is $12.95.

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The Travelling Reader

The Travelling Reader invites you on a British reading journey – it is a book and food subscription service based in the UK. Each box contains a fiction book that is set in Britain or Ireland and book- or place-related items which complement the reading experience. You may discover an item from the locality or something from the story itself. Where possible, they aim to source their products from locally based suppliers or small business artisans.

This is great for anglophiles that love anything British – this box will immerse them in a world of high tea, red buses and Scottish shortbread.

Choose from:

  • The Original Travelling Reader
  • The London Travelling Reader
  • Simply British Tastes boxes
  • The Humour Editions
  • Junior Travelling Reader boxes

Pricing: £18.99 to £34.99 per box, per month

Shipping: Global – UK shipping is £3.99 per box and International shipping (inc US) is £7.99 – £13.99 per box.

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Books Plus Beer

Books Plus Beer does what it says on the tin – it is a book box subscription where you receive one brand new crime or nonfiction paperback as well as a couple of excellent craft beers to enjoy as you read. They also include tasting notes and details about the book, as well as recipe ideas, a reading soundtrack and more. 

This book box is great for the beer and book lovers out there. I love the concept, I wonder when the wine version will come out?

Choose from:

  • The Crime Box
  • The Non Fiction Box

Pricing: £13.50 per box, per month

Shipping: UK only – FREE shipping

Subscribe at


Scribbler’s mission is to help writers. They curate a monthly subscription box that aims to improve a writer’s craft, inspire them to finish the book, and introduce them to powerhouses in the literary industry. Each Scribbler box includes teaching tools from bestselling authors, live chats with publishing pros, writing gifts, and an autographed novel.

I have a friend that gets this box and I am always so jealous when it arrives – it has everything you need to motivate yourself to write. Maybe this is exactly what you need to get those words flowing? 

Pricing: $29.99 per box, per month

Shipping: Global – USA shipping is $8.99 USD, Canada shipping is $13.99 USD and International shipping is $18.99 USD

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The Introverts Treat Box

The Introverts Treat Box was created for people that would rather stay at home with a good book than go out (yes please!). It is a book box full of treats designed for you to have some alone time to rest and relax. Each subscription box offers everything you need for a perfectly introverted day, starting with a novel written by a female author! 

You can choose from:

  • The Read Box – this includes the novel and an Introverts Retreat bookmark, plus a gourmet snack created by an indie chocolatier or baker and your choice of loose-leaf tea, coffee, or cocoa. Gluten-free available upon request.
  • The Read & Relax Box – this includes the novel and bookmark, a full-sized 6-ounce candle and eight ounces of fragrant hand-blended bath salts or bar of hand-made scented soap. Our candles, soaps, and bath salts feature fun introvert-themed names.
  • The Read, Relax & Recharge Box – this has the novel and bookmark, the gourmet snack and beverage, candle, bath salts or bar of handmade soap, plus one additional bath or body care item or you can request a second serving of the snack and beverage.

If you need a little push to schedule some me time then this is the box for you – I love the concept of this and if it wasn’t so expensive to ship to the UK, I would definitely be ordering it!

Pricing: The Read Box is $16.99, The Read & Relax Box is $23.99 and The Read, Relax & Recharge Box is $37.99.

Shipping: US, Canada & UK – US shipping is $8.99 and UK shipping is $18.00

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