Writing a Strong Opening Chapter…

The opening chapter is arguably one of the most important, and often re-written, chapters in an author’s novel. Even J. K. Rowling struggled with her first chapter. Rumour has it, she rewrote the first chapter of the Philosopher’s Stone a whopping 15 times before she was happy with it. The Writer Community knows how importantContinue reading “Writing a Strong Opening Chapter…”

Guest Blog: Which is the Best Outlining Style for you?

This guest blog article was written by my dear friend and incredible author, Raelynn Fry. Follow her on Instagram: @raelynnfry. Oh man. Outlining. Some of us dread it. Some of us love it. Did you know you could be dreading it because you’re not outlining the way that’s best for you, as a writer? AContinue reading “Guest Blog: Which is the Best Outlining Style for you?”